I empower moms and other women in Dayton, Oh + around world to uncover their purpose + build a life that aligns with it. Because alignment = Happiness.

Sis, we’ve already heard that money doesn’t and can’t buy us happiness… but… what if HAPPINESS could buy us money.

I’m Bunny, #TheVibeCreator of Dayton, Ohio and I empower and guide other moms who feel stuck or trapped in their current situation to uncover their purpose then build a life that aligns with it.

Moms and other parents like you who can’t really remember the last time they felt truly happy. You’re just going through the motions and aren’t too sure what’s missing. But you know that something needs to change, and fast. You’re not getting any younger and your kids are growing at lighting speed. You want to set the best example for them and give them a life they won’t need to heal from.

Whether You’re Local To Dayton, Ohio or Anywhere Else In The World, I’m Here To Guide You Through Being The (s)Hero In Your Own Story. It’s time To invest in yourself and slowly start Buying Your Time Back.

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You Have To Be Well To Work Well

I’ve done research to develop different Conscious Businessingâ„  programs that take you through different aspects of holistic wellness to help you in aligning yourself as a whole person. Not just a business owner or a parent. Because if you don’t feel well, you won’t work well. Business consulting is also available for those who would like to take what they’ve learned about themselves and make a comfortable living.

#TheVibeCreator also works with mamas who are ready to invest in a clean professional logo, website and business cards so that the vibe is right to make their dream life come true. These moms are channeling their inner #BossBitchVibes and know exactly where to put that energy. Girl, so you betta click that button if:

  • You recently started a business but aren’t getting the sales you deserve
  • You have a bomb idea but don’t have the info published anywhere
  • Your business is going steady but it just feels like something is missing
  • You’re ready to quit playin yourself and invest in a future your kids will be proud of

Are you ready to invest in your dreams ?

Savor The Journey + Trust the Process

Starting and maintaining a successful business is a life of its own. There are no get rich quick tips or miraculous promises given. I teach you how to do the WERK and how to do it right the first time. My team and I design systems that make it all go as smooth as possible for you so that your Mom life doesn’t have to suffer.

During your consult we’ll talk about how we can turn the following 3 things and more into your dream life.

Copacetic Websites

Your Website

We offer website curation on the internets top 2 platforms; WordPress and Shopify. This will make sure you’re set up to scale successfully in the future. Your website is where your brand lives so we’ll make sure the vibe feels like home for your audience.

Your logo is your brands main vibe identifier. It’s what represents you first so you want to make sure it represents you BEST. We make them clear, concise and memorable.

Business Cards

Never get caught slippin’. Stay ready > Get ready. Keep professional business cards on deck at all times because everyone you encounter in Dayton, Ohio and beyond is a potential client or customer.

Are you not convinced Yet ?

Look Boo, I’m a single Mom myself. I get it, you can’t take too many risks with your coins because you have mouths to feed. Check out my policies and procedures for more info on all the technical stuffs that will protect you. Additionally…

Don’t just take my word for anything. Check out what previous clients have said:

Let’s Get Started !

I believe that you’ve stumbled upon me or my website for a purpose. We will cross paths when the time is right. So if you’re seeing this… babe it’s YOUR TIME ! It’s time to feel the fear and take the leap of faith into living your best life. To giving your kids their best life. Everything you need is on the other side of this button.

Have questions before we get started ? Send me a message, let’s vibe.