I’m not aware of

When exactly

This joke became


I don’t quite

Know when

Love became


I can’t really

Remember when

Your burdens became

My own

I can’t exactly

Remember how

This house

Stopped being

A home



It’s like I’m bleeding from the holes in my face

I’ve been giving my light away

I’m responsible


You were to blame

I didn’t think you were the same

But after seeing you

I’m bleeding all over the place


We sit and watch the waves break

You beg me to stay

We made a lot of mistakes

They got me bleeding out of my face

Who’s to blame

I swear I’ll never do that again

I can’t go through that again

Plugging up the holes in my face


Tell me you love me and then

Put me in your pocket

Fold me up, and kiss me love

Don’t you never, ever drop it

Tickle, then please spin me around

Pick me up, I’ll lift you up

And never let you down

You’ve done this before

But not with me

And that makes all the diff

The past is gone

The future, late

The present feels remiss

Keep me safe

Here in your grace

And don’t you ever leave

Love me now and love me more

To my heart, you have the keys



I thought I saw a puddy-cat

I thought I found a unicorn

Now I see where your minds at

I realize that was a devils horn


I’d be swinging from the rafters if I held onto your every word

I’d be clawing at you bastards if I believed I was the only girl

I’d be laughing, screaming, crying if I could  just ever feel

I’d be back to lines, misshapen minds if I didn’t know the drill


I need a getaway

I need to get away

I need to get a way

Gotta find a way

To hide away

A holiday

My mind is grey

I’ll die today

I died today

I tried to say

No time to play

No room to lay

I’m doomed, they say

I’m doomed


You don’t get me high anymore

You don’t make me cry anymore

I don’t even wonder why anymore

I already know you won’t walk through my door

I already know you’re laid up with some whore

And I already know she’s not even better than me

I mean maybe physically

If that’s what you’re into

Because that’s what men do

They think with their eyes

Base decisions off our thighs

It’s like y’all don’t even try

Stress hives


Get high

I’m fine

Bye bye

You don’t get me high, bro

You actually get me low



Oh looky there

The tears rolling in

She’s crying again

Crybaby, crybaby

You’re so weak

You don’t even follow all that shit that you speak

All that self-love, self-care

Can’t find that crap in you nowhere

I think you like it

I think it turns you on

I think you love to have them here

But feel better when they’re gone

I think you like being alone

I think you like feeling worthless

I think you lie when you talk about your purpose

Because what purpose ?

You ain’t even that deep

Your why is on the surface

You’re a fraud

You just like to be built up

You like to feel like a god

Then you like to fall from grace

Flat on your fucking face

Then blame everyone else for being in this place

You’re ridiculous

You’re dramatic

Oh and look at this

And you’re an addict

Go ahead

Fall back into your habits

Money can’t buy love

But money buys drugs

And that’s close enough

And if you get high enough

You won’t ask why and stuff

Let the tears dry up

More brown in your cup

You don’t even like to drink

But you need fucked up

You’re pathetic

You’ll never get it


Accept it


I still look at your page, like all day

I read every post and take it the wrong way

I guess I’m a glutton for pain

I guess I want depression again

My feelings for you are so alarming

Because I know you don’t want me darling

I know you just used me babe

But I can’t face it unless you say it

I want the truth and nothing less

Can’t help but cry, I’m a mess

Yes, I’m upset

Skrrt, BOOM. I’m a wreck

I saw a future with you in it

I jumped the gun, infinite

Bad habit of seeing the best in the worst

Bad habit of letting my feelings get hurt

Then going to work

And being a jerk

Because I can’t clean my own dirt

I can’t do this

And I knew this

But you caught me off guard

Now I have to go through this

I’m useless

I’ll prove it

I’ll sulk and I’ll pout

Smoke and drink it out

Cut it out

Scream it out

I can’t cut you out

What Imma do without

That feeling

No drug ever got me so high

Fake affection never felt so full

I was writing love songs until my pencil got dull

Why do I do this to myself

You think I give advice for my health ?

I don’t follow it

I palm a pill and I swallow it

I wanna die and I wallow in it

I’m supposed to be stronger than this

Smarter than this

Accidentally turned into the dumbest bitch

I done did it again

Sabotaging my own win

Oops, my bad

It’s my own fault I’m mad

I know I’d welcome you right back

Into my heart and my sack

Do as you please

I feel sick when you leave

Then I still tease

Because I too have needs

I need touch

I’m doing too much

I need validation

I need a vacation

My minds always racin’

I need a break

So whatever you want, take

I let my mind slip into ecstasy with you

I felt sexy with you

Now what the fuck do I do

I’m confused

I’m disgusted

In you I trusted

You fucked that up

That’s my fault though

You didn’t know you were gonna make me glow

You probably thought I was just another hoe

I don’t know

I was too scared to ask

I didn’t wanna ruin anything, push you away

It’s my own fault I’m not okay.

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