Hey Girl Hey

I’m just a girl
I love the wind blowing through my hair
The color pink
Songs that make me think
A cute boy that gives a wink

I’m just a girl
I love to shop
I love warm weather where I can go outside to skip, jump and hop
I hate to sweep but I love to mop

I’m just a girl
I hate wearing pants
Give me a beat that’ll make me dance
I pretend my accent is from France
I’ll prove myself if you give me a chance

I’m just a girl
I have a sister and brother
I’m full of dreams and wishes
Like for people to just love one another
I have a daughter, I am a mother

I’m a driver, a high fiver
A cook, your secret book
A lawyer, a movie spoiler
A friend til the end
A counselor, tell me your problems. Ill mend
Give me a rule, I might bend

I’m rebel

I stay 1000 feet from the devil

I watch my icons and try to get on their level

I like to sit on the shore and pick out shells and pebbles

I’m just a girl.


Should I jump ?
Question of the day.
Because I’d do almost anything not to feel this way.
Nothing can ever fill this void.
Can’t take part in what I once enjoyed.
Seems like everything keeps me annoyed.
Every care I had…destroyed.
Dead on the inside and done crying out.
Because when I need help, I only get flout.
Every step forward is met with a clout.
Each subliminal gesture makes my heart strout.
Things used to be great, sorry it ends this way.
So to answer the question of the day.

Mind Vs Pen

Am I just a martyr for the pen

Is that why I allow the dark cloud to constantly pull me back in

These tiny, colorful pills do give me a rush

But I feel my creativity, they flush

The voices in my head, they hush

But the silence is almost sickening

I can feel the air thickening

It’s unsettling

I’m forgetting

The sensation of depressions touch

Encourage Mints

Reach for the stars

You may not go far

But you’ll still be closer

Than where you currently are

Reach for the moon

You’ll be there soon

You can still make it

With no silver spoon

Follow your dreams

It’s not as hard as it seems

Keep fueling your fire

‘Til you burst at the seams

Love, Why?

Why do we love, love. When love seems to hate us. 

Why do we let the idea of bliss sedate us.

Why do the cherubs seem to berate us. 

Why do we give this emotion such power.

When it tears us down more than it empowers.

Why do we love love.

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