Where There’s A Will

I was drowning so long

Then I heard of a boat

Then the boat got a hole

So I learned how to float

Then I started to sink

So I learned how to fly

But my wings fell off

And I had to trust the dive

Had to take the ride

Had to compromise

I was gone for weeks

Washed up on the beach

Got on my feet

And walked across the sea

Baby Moses, Noah’s ark

Look into my eyes

And peep the spark

Cloudy days

Never phase me

Cloudy haze

Just in case we

Get way too dark

Where there’s a will

There’s a way

I know it’s cliche

But it all smooths out

At the end of the day


Is the fault in our stars ?

Or is the fault all ours ?

Was it written in the scars

On our hearts

From the bottles

We would lose from the start ?

Does mercury shifting,

Have your mask lifting ?

Or was I too blind to see

I thought it was you all along

But now I think

Maybe it’s….



I once knew a boy

That boy knew a girl

The day that she kissed me

Changed my whole world

The day that she left me

Changed it again

I never admitted

She was more than a friend


I used to

Think about you

All the time

Time is a lie

I don’t know why

We even abide

Limits are lost

In the abyss

You couldn’t have known

We’d end up like…


Too Much

I don’t feel like I’m asking for much

To say I want your kind of love

I want your kind of lust

I want mutual trust

No I, no you. Just us.

I wanna die by your touch

I want you to say I’m enough

Without me, go nuts

No creepin, no sleepin

No ifs, ands or buts

Just me plus you

And a whole lotta love


I always get lost in my thoughts

When it’s you on my mind

I know you’re busy but

Can I please have a piece of your time ?

I wanna make you feel like a god

When’s the last time you felt more than fine ?

Maybe the world is against you

But you have me

I know all things cost something

But I swear that my love is free

So when’s the last time you felt this good ?

When’s the last time someone believed that you could ?

I wanna know everything that I don’t but should

I’ll never judge you, babe

Tell me your past

I wanna know you inside out

If you’re next, I need you last

Too Good

You’re too good to be true

I’m too in love with you

You’re too divine

To be mine

Blinded by

An angels hue


Don’t know the difference

I went colorblind

Over the fall time

Winters grey

Can’t tell the difference I say

Just smile anyway


Everybody’s reaching in their pockets

I’m in a room full of narcissists

And they all love narcotics

And they all move robotic

And they all have on masks

And they all let their hair down

Before the rocket blasts

Then they all make regrets

And they all know what’s next

And they all love their wives

And will swear this was just sex

And they all have daughters

That they can’t look in the eye

Because they all play the game

That’ll make their daughters cry

When they all grow up

And their hearts get broken

So they all lash out

And their inner hoe gets woken

But for now it’s all just fun

And they’ve turned off their brains

They’re just tryna get high

Before they put the mask on again

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