Wellness Workshop

What Is It ?

The Wellness Workshop is a 3 month program for women who know something is missing but they’re not sure what it is. All they know is that they’re ready to be free from the everyday grind. They’re ready to find their purpose. I’ll be guiding you through shadow work and how to build better, long-lasting habits that match your core values.

What Comes With It ?

This program includes:

A Copy of 4 different books: Atomic Habits, The Organized Mind, You Are A Badass At Making Money + Romancing Your Shadow

My Book of 101 Wellness Tips

A Journal for Your Shadow Work + a Pen

A 24 Hour Silent Retreat

Weekly 30 minute Check Ins + Goals + Info

Daily Affirmations + Encouragement

See the itinerary for our 3 months together below !

The Timeline

Week 1: Take a psychologist trusted personality quiz + learn about minimalism + start reading Atomic Habits

Week 2: Shadow work + Learning about affirmations

Week 3: Shadow work + Understanding motivation

Week 4: Shadow work + Doing guided meditations

Week 5: Shadow work + Learning relaxation methods

Week 6: Shadow work + Learning how to stay grounded

Week 7: Shadow work + Practicing Purposeful silence

Week 8: Shadow work + Learning about yoga

Week 9: Shadow work + Fitness + Nutrition

Week 10: Option to dive in natal chart + Learn about power words and start using positive self-talk + Identify personal core values and boundaries

Week 11: Make SMART goals + learn to manifest + live in alignment

Week 12: Practice gratitude + study mindfulness.

Week 13: Craft your miracle morning + reflect on growth

Ready To Invest ?

Let’s talk about whether or not this is a good fit for you ! Schedule a consultation with me before we jump in.