Hashtags w the vibe creator

For your social media accounts to reach the max amount of people, you really need to utilize hashtags. Well, not on every platform, but you have to know the difference ! Disclaimer though: Just like with most other things, there’s a lot of contradicting information online. Some of it can be pretty industry specific. This is a general overview to get you started !

As a brand manager, I do a lot of social media management as well. So I’m giving you the information I’ve seen with my own two eyes !


I’mma be real with you… just don’t use hashtags on Facebook. Period. Or if you do, know that it’ll make absolutely no difference.

Instagram Hashtags

On IG you can use up to 30 hashtags but it doesn’t always mean you should ! The less followers you have, the more tags you should use. The average is about 11 with bigger brands using between just one and four. No matter how many you use, make it a variety ! Include popular tags and branded hashtags along with ones that are specific to your post. Check out how many posts are using the same hashtag and use a variation of it that posts in the tens of thousands. More than that and your post may get drowned out, but less and nobody will see it.

Bonus tip: Have some space between the caption and hashtags or put the hashtags in the comments so that your post doesn’t look spammy !


Hashies on Pinterest are pretty pointless as of last year. Pinterest themselves recently deemed them “optional”. The reason is that they’re no longer clickable on their own but also buried in the post.

Twitter Hashtags

You’ll read some articles saying not to use hashtags on Twitter. That they aren’t helpful or you don’t need them. CAP. If you just look in the ‘trending’ section you’ll see that tags are sometimes trending. Using a hashtag in your tweet can double your engagement. HOWEVER ! Don’t use more than two tags. Really, using only one is best. Once you get to three of them, your engagement drops.


Uhm I’mma be honest on this one, I have no idea personally. Only one I have used LinkedIn so godspeed.


With Tiktok how many you use depends on how long your caption is but typically somewhere between one and five. Use a combo of viral and location-based hashtags then a niche one.